Since December 2021, I have been creating images with PaverpolThe great thing about Paverpol is that it is so versatile. You can incorporate all kinds of materials into it such as wool, cotton, wood, leather, paper, dried flowers, plaster and pottery, but you can also make clay from it and sculpt a sculpture. It becomes rock hard after drying and is also suitable for outdoor use. 

Op 7 mei 2022 heb ik het certificaat behaald en kan ik ook workshops gaan geven.

Modeling with clay

Since September 2023 I also started making sculptures with modeling clay. I started with lessons from Ans you need a special oven for baking, it's a little trickier to be able to do the whole process at home.

Boetseren bij Atelier Jasmijntje

Modeling with wax

In November 2022, I did a wax sculpture workshop at You can have a wax sculpture cast in bronze, the wax sculpture itself is not a finished product. So that's a disadvantage and casting in bronze is very expensive. That's why I'm not working on this at the moment but maybe I can pick it up again in the future. 

Wil je meer informatie of een bestelling doen, neem dan contact op. Binnenkort komen er ook beelden in mijn winkel dus hou dat in de gaten!



You can also use Paverpol to make your own clay. Aren't these roses super cute? And they are also very easy to make. When they were dry and hard, I added some silver paint accents. You can put them in a vase or attach a rose to a gift with a ribbon, for example to a bottle of wine.

Eternal dance

What a beautiful project this was to make. I made this woman in Burgh-Haamstede, hence she got to go with me to the sea where I took the pictures. Her attitude makes me happy, so open and full of a zest for life! 

Foil to stone

Also fun to do, create something out of a wad of aluminum foil. And in the end it looks just like a figurine made of stone, with the addition of Paverpol Art Stone. What nice products Paverpol has! Paverpol Art Stone. Wat een leuke producten heeft Paverpol!

And with no plan or drawing beforehand, I just started trying things out and something came into being.


I have always been fascinated by the figurine Bucephalus, the horse of Alexander the Great. The figurine plays a role in the movie The Black Stallion, what a great movie! My Bucephalus is a little more "potent" than the real one, but great fun to recreate him.

Best friends

This was a gift, a girl with her dog (Great Dane). Also always an appealing subject, children with animals. I want to do a lot more with that!

Woman with painting

The girl with the pearl earring, I always wanted to recreate Vermeer's painting, and then I came up with the idea of doing it on a miniature canvas. I do love to fiddle! What a fun combination to combine paverpol figurines with paintings, I'm sure I'll do that more often too! This figurine has been sold.

Dance school 5th anniversary

I made this figurine on commission, for the 5th anniversary of a dance school. I made the figurine based on the logo of the dance school (from 2D so to 3D!), and I had the figurine made on the front. For the WIP pictures, see my blog.

Modeling with clay

Birds on a branch

During the workshop at Ans I chose to sculpt birds on a branch. After a few weeks I was able to pick up my sculpture; she had then baked it off in a special oven. At home I finished it further.

Abstract horse

During a second evening at Ans from I wanted to make an abstract horse. I already had in my head how he should be, below the result. In this case, from 2 blocks of clay that we had put on top of each other, I created a horse by removing clay. A bit like what is done in sculpting. Only in the final stage I added some pieces.

Abstract horse head

When I got back to I had my clay with me and even though I only came with someone and hadn't agreed on anything, while chatting I was sitting with a piece of clay in my hands and suddenly a horse's head appeared. Later I went back to hollow it out and after it was baked I finished it again. It became the same style as the previous horse. 

Haniwa paard

Haniwa zijn kleien beeldjes die vaak worden teruggevonden rond de kofuns van de Kofunperiode (ca. 250-538 n.Chr.), welke zich vooral situeerde in de gebieden rond Kinai in Japan.  Mijn beeld is geïnspireerd op zo’n Haniwa beeldje 

Modeling with wax

In November 2022, I did a wax sculpture workshop at, the subject I came up with myself (woman with a butterfly). A wax sculpture can be cast in bronze. This is of course very expensive but very beautiful. My first experience with this material was very positive, so who knows what this will bring in the future....