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Photography in the past

Photography has always been my passion. As a child I shot many rolls of film and on vacation I really didn't have enough with a roll of 36 pictures (how times have changed, you can take hundreds of pictures in one day now). It was during my education in Multimedia Design (late 1990s) that I first learned about photography. I got to develop many photos in the darkroom and we went out into the streets to make reports, great times those were. In Adobe Photoshop I learned to edit photos, at that time Photoshop was not nearly as advanced as it is now. Now so many years later, Photoshop is still the program I use every day.

Photography today

Photography I now do with my Canon 5D mark IV camera, and some nice lenses (from telephoto to portrait lens with fixed focus). By now I have done all kinds of shoots, shoots with the family on e.g. the heath, a wedding, and of course many horses, e.g. in action at a competition, a foal shoot or beautiful portraits, stand photos and action photos in nature. I have also done several reportages of oldtimers and sports cars and for a company that sells party clothes for children online I have done several shoots.


Voor het maken van films maak ik gebruik van mijn spiegelreflexcamera, videocamera, drone of met een gopro of insta360. Het monteren van films doe ik met programma’s zoals Adobe Premiere, waar ik ook küren op muziek mee maak, soms ook met andere programma’s.

DJI Mini 4 Pro

Boven de vijver

Photo editing

Every photo I edit in Photoshop; the composition and colors are adjusted anyway. Sometimes something needs to be retouched, for example a halter and rope needs to be removed, or an interfering object in the background. 

I also sometimes manipulate photos so that a completely different atmosphere is created, for example a fairy-tale atmosphere. But also a dull sky can be replaced for a beautiful one. Nowadays Photoshop can do a lot by itself using A.I., so I don't do much with this anymore. After more than 25 years, so much has changed in photo editing, anyway with the advent of A.I. so much is different.

Valerie's view

Valerie's view started editing drawings of my daughters. I edit the drawings in Photoshop and turn them into real animals, but as they would have looked if they had been drawn. 

Video editing

Video’s met mijn drone:

Video’s met mijn insta360:

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Would you like me to arrange a photo shoot or drone video for you, please send a message for the possibilities.