Jura Artwork


The name Jura is an amalgamation of the names of my first 2 horses; Jurita and her daughter Razinda (a.k.a Pien). Jurita was 4 years old when I got her and with her I bred Razinda. Both stayed with me until their deaths, Jur at 18 and Pien was 20.


Jurita en Razinda

My two big horse friends are now:

Corento en ik




Allow me to introduce...


My name is Maartje and I was born on December 8, 1976 in Utrecht. From the age of four I grew up in Breukelen and after living in Purmerend and Bussum, I found a lovely place in the Veluwe with Bas in 2007. After high school I studied multimedia design. After this I did the HBO education in Equestrian Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Dronten. I also worked for a while as a Graphic Designer for a large company.

Van jongs af aan heb ik een passie voor alles wat creatief is. Ik tekende vooral paarden en inmiddels schilder ik met veel plezier alle onderwerpen (maar nog wel veel paarden), vooral in olieverf. Met tekenen en schilderen ben ik autodidact, waarbij ik me voortdurend ontwikkel door het volgen van nationale en internationale cursussen, workshops en lessen.

Besides painting, I make custom küren to music, build websites and do a lot with photography and graphic design and can also express my creativity in making figurines. In addition, a lot of hours go into taking care of and riding my horses that are at home, 2 dogs from abroad, and of course our two daughters Valerie (born 2011) and Charlène (2014), who are also already proving to be very creative and inspire me with their beautiful drawings.

Are you interested in having something made by me? If so, please contact me with no obligation. 

I can also be found on social media:


  • Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator etc. as of 1995.
  • Websites: html from 1995, WordPress course from Swipe Media in 2018, training in Webdesign at Soofos from Ferdy Korpershoek in 2023, several websites created from 2018.
  • Freestyles from 2005.
  • Beelden: Paverpol workshop en certificaat International Trainer in 2022, workshop beelden maken in wax van Ton van der Linden in 2022, lessen boetseren bij Atelier Jasmijntje in 2023.
  • Schilderen: Online tutorials, enkele privélessen bij Marjolein Kruijt, Rob de Reus, lessen bij Charlene van den Eng met paletmes, een dag privéles van Ralf Heynen, vanaf september 2023 volg ik schilderlessen bij Dick van Heerde.