Op de ezel

Op dit moment op werk ik aan de volgende schilderijen:

Schilderij schapen 80x80 cm olieverf op linnen

I have long wanted to expand my portfolio to include farm animals. I have painted cows a few times, but no other animals yet. So now on my easel a large canvas with sheep. The size is 80x80cm on natural linen.

My sweet little Pukkie passed away this year (February 2023) at the age of 19. I really wanted to paint her. This is an underpainting on a small 30×30 cm panel. I hope to continue it soon.

An experiment with mixed media and oil paint, on 40x50cm portrait canvas.... I am searching for what I like, which is something more artistic than what I always did before (repainting from a photograph). Among the oil paintings there are already 2 such mixed media paintings, but I have many more ideas.