Prices and how to work

The artist factor

What people often don't realize is how much time goes into creating a painting. All these hours, the material and format, the artist's experience and any training, determine the artist factor, or calculation of what a painting costs.

Painting Style

I have been painting with oils since 2016. I paint realistic with a bit of an impressionistic 'touch'. I like it when it is really painterly and yet realistic, but I also like abstract as a very nice addition, in that respect I am still a bit searching and trying out all kinds of things. I have been drawing all my life, I was allowed to paint the windows in class and the front of the club magazine had a drawing by me. I was actually drawing all day long.


Please contact us for more information and a quote. Much is possible in consultation and all subjects are possible. I want to be as versatile as possible and not specialize in one subject, not even one style. I can also arrange the provision of a frame, coincidentally the framer is seated, Galerie Zuid, right around the corner from me.

Working Method

Once we have decided on the size canvas (or panel or some other medium), I get to work sketching and drawing, then I apply the oil paint in multiple layers. Sometimes I make an underpainting in black and white or in a shade of brown such as burnt sienna. I look at each painting to see what I like. In this case (the collage on the right) the canvas was natural linen and I wanted to keep that "look" as much as possible.

If desired, I can send photos in between. If you are not satisfied, you do not have to take the painting down.