Jura stables

Horses on the Veluwe

Horses play a big role in my life. A dream came true for me when in 2007 the opportunity came to keep them at home in the Veluwe. Now, so many years later, I want nothing more than to have the horses at home, to have them with me and take care of them every day. 

Over the years the composition of the horses has changed a bit, of course, and since we moved to a farmhouse 1 door away in 2021, I don't have room for as many horses as before. No more boarding horses (well, 1) or horses for rehabilitation, vacation or training. Below you can read which horses live here today and horses that have been with me in the past.

De Wilgenhoeve

My horses


Corento (v. Sorento), or Amstelvreugd's Corento is my once in a lifetime horse. This big gelding of 1.85m has been with me since 2011, when he was 4 years old. Together we experienced so much, we rode young horse competitions with great results, he always finished in the top three and was then allowed to be ridden over by the guest rider.

We have won a pavo cup selection, competed in the Subli cup final where we finished fourth of the Netherlands among professional riders, won many competitions in basic, and since November 2019 we started Light tour, great riding with a nice coat! By now we have won several times in both Prix st. George and Intermediaire 1 and are therefore allowed to start heavy tour! This special horse has brought me so much, more than I ever dared to dream. 


Faraon is a real Spanish guy, a PRE that is. He has been with me since December 2018. Faraon was born in Spain in January 2012 and since the age of four he has lived in the Netherlands. What a very nice horse this is, with his 1.60m a bit smaller than Corento, but it is a baroque type so a real macho. He is totally different from Corento, nice and naughty at times, but also with an enormous will to please and not easily impressed. Together we have made some nice rides in the woods, but also in the arena he is very nice to ride.


Wyoming (officially Wamonda), by Montecristo x Welt Hitt, 1.72m, born 2003, I have had her since she was a yearling, I saddled her myself. Unfortunately she has the disease alopecia ariata, which makes the hair on her tail and mane (and also spots on her coat) fall out. With Wyoming I also bred a foal, Florida's Foxfire s. United from 2010.

Daisy en Barbie

Daisy is our mini Shet, what a sweet pony she is! Barbie is Misty's successor, we got her a few months after Misty died. She is exactly the same size as Misty and also the same color. Still a very different pony but just like Misty very sweet (pictures to follow).

The dogs

And of course our Spanish dogs Nogi and Cuento! Both dogs are from Spain off the streets. Nogi (call sign Pukkie) came to us when she was 3 years old, and Cuento as a puppy. 

In February 2023, Pukkie passed away at the age of 19. She went to sleep in my arms on my lap, surrounded by everyone and Cuento there too, it couldn't have been more beautiful. These are the hardest things about keeping animals. I miss her terribly, but I comfort myself with the thought that she had a great life with us.

Since a few months we have had a dog, a new friend for Cuento. We named her Indja, call name Indy. She was 4 months old when she came. She too comes from the same foundation, but this time it is a dog from Romania. A very sweet and gentle dog, sometimes still a bit insecure but also very naughty. Together we go to puppy class every Saturday! Pictures will follow.

(My) previous horses

Florida’s Foxfire
Foxie (United x Montecristo) I bred myself, I watched him being born and he was everything I dreamed of; a stallion with 4 white feet and a blaze. He grew up to be a beautiful big horse (1.80m), but unfortunately he was no match for me under saddle. With the neighbor he started in Z1 and then I sold him, unfortunately he ended up in the trade. I found him again after a few addresses and tried to buy him back, but this did not work out. He would have been sold to Austria.

Arissa (by Tuschinski) I rode for 5.5 years for breeding. We rode Z1 so she got a predicate for breeding. A spirited mare with a lot of talent, Arissa has since given birth to many children and is still being ridden.

In memoriam

Misty was our Welsh pony who lived to be 33 years old (born 1990). She was great for the kids and stood outside during the day with Corento and Daisy, the 22-year-old mini shet. Misty was euthanized in April 2023, she suffered terribly from asthma for the last year. In the beginning the medicines and puffs from a pump helped, but in the end nothing worked anymore. And then you have to make a very difficult decision....

Cres was born in 1997 (by Celano) and was traded in from Germany to a dealer, he didn't even have a name then. Cres is not mine but has always been with me. He had to fight for his life because of a neglected castration wound that caused a lot of damage in his abdomen. Partly because of this, he was never released in the sport. Cres passed away in September 2020.

Razinda, call name Pien, was my 1998 homebred mare. Her mother is my first horse Jurita (Purioso) and her father Kroonjuweel (Belisar x Roemer). I had a special bond with Pien, she lay on my lap as a foal, I had her with me every day, and saddled her myself. We rode up to M1 dressage. Pien is in januari 2018 overleden aan koliek. Ze zou dat jaar 20 zijn geworden, en ik had gehoopt dat ze nog minimaal 10 jaar bij me was gebleven…

Jur was my first horse (by Purioso, born 1991) and together we went through a lot, we rode Z1 and her last years she ran in the pasture together with Pien and Wyoming here at home. She died of colic when she was 18 years old.

Wally (Waleva)
Wally was a big, burly and very sweet mare, measuring around 1.75m, by Redford x Maple. She was born in 2003, to breeders and also friends. As a four-year-old I got to ride Wally and after a few months I got her. I had a lot of fun with her and when we were just riding M2 she got an injury, after a few years it turned out she couldn't go back into the sport. Januari 2018 is Wally onverwachts overleden…

Cicero was a 2007 United x Weijden gelding. I got him when he was a 3 year old (still) stallion, and had him for 6 years. What an incredibly nice and sweet horse, he did everything so easily and was incredibly fun to ride. But he was also terribly scared, eventually I sold him because I didn't have enough time to take him everywhere and help him get over his fear. Fortunately, he found a very nice owner and has had some great years with her. He was the first horse she went Z1 dressage with. Unfortunately, he was put to sleep in 2022.

Orinoco Flow
Orri (by Havidoff) was still a young horse when I started riding him for a friend, he then moved to the farm where I had my horses. I had such a good click with him that within 1.5 years we were riding Z1. After that he was sold to America. After a few years I found him online and got in touch with his new owners. After that we visited them 2x in Ohio and they visited us once. Orri passed away on May 28, 2019 at the age of 25.